The Topology Change Analysis Tool (TCAT) identifies the key topology differences between various versions of IP releases and provides logical explanations based on any feature changes or enhancements. TCAT helps you to identify changes to a set of objects, relationships, and attributes which are related to device certifications for IP Manager upgrades. TCAT is installed as “sm_tcat” while installing IP and is located in the <BASEDIR>\smarts\bin directory.

tcat.conf file contains TCAT configuration settings and is located under the <BASEDIR>smarts/conf/tcat directory.


# Configuration Settings of Topology Comparison and Analysis Tool (TCAT)
# The flat file for the lists of Object/Relationship/Attribute to be compared
# The flat file for the mapping of IP version info and Rule XML file
# The XML file for miscellaneous information
# The suffix for the Excel report file (Excel 2007 or later recommended)
# (The earlier versions of Excel can't handle more than 65536 Rows.)
# The tag switch for MultiThreading
# The tag switch for TCat developers

The IP Manager User Guide provides more information on TCAT.