The Availability Manager builds a data model of the discovered NAS IP elements in the managed environment. The model represents the discovered elements as instances of the ICIM classes.

The NAS IP elements are represented by instances of the following ICIM classes:

  • NASChassis

  • FileServer

  • Host (Celerra Control Station)

    During the discovery post-processing phase, the IP Manager creates the relationships and connections between the storage objects: Celerra Data Mover (FileServer object), NAS Network Server (NASChassis object), and Celerra Control Station (Host object).

    Note that, in addition, the Availability Manager discovers the Layer 2 and Layer 3 elements and relationships that are described in the IP Availability Manager User Guide; for example, Cable, Card, Interface.

    The IP Management Suite Discovery Guide provides more information about the ICIM classes and the discovery process.