This section describes possible errors which could occur in the startup of the adapter.

  1. Could not find correct <adapter_name>.conf

    The adapter could not find the <adapter_name>.conf file in the BASEDIR /SAM/smarts/local/conf/audit_parse directory. In this case, the following error is written to the <adapter_name>.log file.

    ERROR: Could not find adapter conf file named: audit_parse/IC-SAM-AUDIT.conf
  2. Could not find an existing <server_name>_audit.log

    The name of this file is specified in <adapter_name>.conf. If there is a misspelling in the configuration file, or the raw audit log file does not exist, the following error will be written to the <adapter_name>.log file:

    ASL-W-ERROR_RULE_SOURCE-While executing rule set
     ASL-ERROR_ACTION-While executing action at:
     ASL-CALL_STACK_RULE-   RuleName: EOF, Line: 37
     ASL-ERROR_INVOKE-While attempting to invoke operation 'startWithParameters'
        of object 'GA_Driver::PARSE_AUDIT_LOG_DRIVER'
     ASL-ERROR_INIT_FRONTEND-While initializing front-end
     ASL-ERROR_FILEFE_OPEN-Could not open input file
     CI-ESPEC-While attempting to locate file with primary
        "/opt/InCharge6/SAM/smarts/local/logs/IC-SAM_audit.log", default "?2?", and related "?3?"
     <SYS>-ENOENT-No such file or directory