The sm_oidInfo has the following command-line options:

  • --server – Specifies the name of the IP domain manager where the devices to be used for running the tool are discovered. This option is mandatory because the tool needs to connect to the server to retrieve the required configuration and OID data from the server.

  • --broker – Specifies the broker at which the IP domain manager is registered. If not specified, the tool will connect to the broker defined by the SM_BROKER or SM_BROKER_DEFAULT environment variables. If a broker can not be determined, the tool will report an error and exit.

  • --displayValues – To gather the SNMP values of the OIDs.

  • --compareValues – To compare the OID’s topology and SNMP values.

  • --poll – To poll and display, or compare the OID values n times. The maximum value of n is 100.

  • --silent

  • --help

    When the tool is run by not specifying any <options> , the output will contain the list of OIDs for only those devices that are configured in the oidInfo.conf.