If a hostname includes an explicit IP version suffix (:v6v4, :v4v6, :v6, or :v4), the local name resolution service, such as a Domain Name System server, resolves the hostname to an address of that protocol. Here are some examples:

  • frame.vmware.com:v6v4

    Resolves to an IPv6 address, or if that resolution fails, to an IPv4 address.

  • frame.vmware.com:v4v6

    Resolves to an IPv4 address, or if that resolution fails, to an IPv6 address.

  • frame.vmware.com:v6

    Resolves to an IPv6 address.

  • frame.vmware.com:v4

    Resolves to an IPv4 address.

    For a hostname that does not include an explicit IP version suffix, the SM_IP_VERSIONS environment variable controls how the local name resolution service resolves the hostname to a corresponding IP address. By default, the SM_IP_VERSIONS environment variable set to v6v4.

    Chapter 8, IPv6 Address Conventions, in the IP Manager Reference Guide provides additional information about name resolution.