You must configure the oidInfo.conf file to view the OID information of a device through the command line interface. The file is located under <BASEDIR>/conf/discovery.

To edit the oidInfo.conf file, go to the <BASEDIR>/conf/discovery folder of your installation and type the following command:

./sm_edit conf/discovery/oidInfo.conf file

You must specify the following information for each device in the oidInfo.conf file:

  • Class – The system class such as Router, Switch, Host, and so on.

  • Instance – The name of the instance of the system class specified. The value of this should be the same as the value of the Name attribute of the system object in the IP topology. Other attribute values such as the DisplayName or the IP Address of the system object are not valid.

  • Type – The type of class. You can enter one of the following values:

    • Discovery –To view the OIDs of classes that are used for discovery only

    • Monitoring – To view the OIDs of classes that are used for monitoring only

    • All – To view the OIDs of classes that are used for both discovery and monitoring

      The value for this parameter is case sensitive and will assume a default value of Monitoring if values apart from those specified above are used.

  • Entity – This parameter is applicable when the value of theType parameter is Monitoring. The value of this parameter will be ignored if the Type is Discovery. By default the value of this parameter is “*”. This parameter is used to filter out device components that will be displayed in the output. The values will need to have the class names of the component entities of a device such as Card, Interface, Port, Fan, Memory, and so on.

    For example,

    • To view the OIDs related to monitoring of Ports, Interfaces, and Memory, the pattern can be specified as Port|Interface|Memory.

    • To view the OIDs for all entities except Ports and Interfaces, the pattern can be specified as ~Port|~Interface.

      Additionally, you can also specify the polling interval and the SNMP timeout for the following parameters:

  • pollingInterval – The interval in seconds at which values need to be polled for all the OIDs. The default value is 120.

  • snmpTimeout – The timeout in seconds for SNMP requests from the tool. The default value is 500.

    The output for each entry configured in the oidInfo.conf is saved in a separate text file whose name is of the format <ClassName_InstanceName.txt>. The file is located at <BASEDIR>/logs/oidInfoLogs. If the file already exists, it will be renamed and a timestamp will be appended to the filename.