TCAT is installed as “sm_tcat” while installing IP and is located in the <BASEDIR>\smarts\bin directory.

The tool when invoked, compares the topology from your current deployment with the new version of the IP domain, for example, IP 8.1.4 with IP 9.1 or IP 9.1 with IP 9.2. The tool identifies differences in the two topologies and flags a device if the device has been discovered under a different class in each topology or the same device for example, has different instances listed under ComposedOf, ConnectedVia, MemberOf, Underlying, HostsAccessPoints, MemberOf, and InstrumentedBy relationships. The tool also provides an explanation of why a device is discovered differently or why the relationships, attributes, or connections are different from one version of IP to another using the same seedfile.

Both the old and the new IP installations must be available and running at the same time. The tool can then be invoked to attach to both IP servers, collect the necessary topology information from them, carry out the data analysis on the topology differences, and deduce the corresponding logical explanations.