The ICMP latency monitoring feature is not enabled by default. It requires the following settings:

  1. Set the MaximumLatency parameter to a non-zero number in the Polling and Thresholds Console. Maximum Latency attribute for IP is added under Settings > Connectivity Polling.

  2. Subscribe to the IP::SlowResponseTime event in SAM or in an external subscriber.


    You need to directly subscribe to the event. Prior to subscribing to the event, ensure that you set the MaximumLatency parameter.

    If the round-trip time between the sending of an ICMP request to an IP and the receiving of the ICMP response from the IP exceeds a user-defined latency value, but does not exceed a user-defined timeout value, the IP Availability Manager generates an IP SlowResponseTime event. The Global Manager subscribes to the IP SlowResponseTime event.