The “Problem Impact Propagation policy over VLANs” is a VLAN-level setting for preventing the generation of impacts of failed devices in a VLAN on other devices in the VLAN. By default, this setting is contained in the VLAN Impact Propagation Group named VLANs and is available to the VLAN Impact Propagation Group named Other VLANs.

For two failed devices that are logically connected through a common VLAN, the IP Manager will not only create problem notifications for the failed devices, but will also create impact notifications that claim that each failed device is responsible for the failure of the other failed device. While, in general, this analysis is correct, customers might want to prevent this type of impact propagation in certain VLANs, such as in management VLANs or in default VLANs (for example, in the default VLAN-1 for Cisco switches and routers). The “Problem Impact propagation policy over VLANs” setting allows customers to accomplish this end.