To assign one or more IP domain managers to a copied or customized Polling and Thresholds group, do the following:

  1. In the Polling and Thresholds Console, right-click a Polling Group to copy (for example, Routers) and choose Copy Configuration. The Copy Configuration dialog box appears.

  2. In the Copy Configuration dialog box, type the name of the new group (for example, Copy of Routers), a description, and then type the names of the IP domain managers assigned to the new group. Click OK.

    The new group will appear in the left panel of the console above the source group from which it was copied. This ensures that the custom group settings are applied first to the IP domain managers assigned to this group and not overwritten by the default group settings.


    Since the copied group has a higher priority over its source group, you will not be allowed to move the source group above the copied group.

  3. Customize the settings in this new group and then push those settings to the affected IP domain managers by clicking the Push Settings button or by selecting it from the Group menu.


    The IP domain manager servers must be running and the attribute, IsConfEnabled must be True for each server in order for the settings to be pushed.