To generate audit log output on a server, you must perform the following steps.

  1. Add the SM_AUDIT_CLIENT_ACTIONS environment variable to the file located in the BASEDIR/<productsuite>/smarts/local/conf directoryof your software product suite.

    For example, the directory for the IP AM/PM suite would be BASEDIR/IP/smarts/local/conf.

  2. You can do this by using the sm_edit utility via the command line to open the file. Invoke sm_edit from the BASEDIR/<productsuite>/smarts/bin directory:

    sm_edit conf/
    #/opt/InCharge/IP/smarts/bin>sm_edit conf/
  3. Add the environment variable and its value using the following syntax:

  4. Save the file and close it.

  5. Restart any program currently running for the new environment variables to take effect.