To configure a login into the Celerra Control Station, issue the following line in the clientConnect.conf file:



  • <device_id> is either a device name or its IP address

  • <login_id> is the user name; default username is nasadmin

  • <password> is the password; default password is nasadmin


    If an asterisk is used as a wildcard in the final entry of the first field before the nasUser section, that entry will become the default nasUser value. Thus, if you include asterisks in the clientConnect.conf file, you must move the nasUser section above these entries. This wildcard priority also holds true for definitions within the nasUser section; for example, if you configure logins for more than one Celerra Control Station device, ensure that the first login does not contain a wildcard.

    “Core fields” section in Chapter 3, Discovery, in the IP Manager Concepts Guide provides more information on using wildcards.