The topology difference between IP releases will be identified and the corresponding logical explanation will be deduced by the Rule. The detailed lists of topology differences for the selected objects, relationships, and attributes, together with the corresponding logical explanation will be presented in the form of a Tab-separated text file (one per row) for you to convert to an Excel spreadsheet.

During the execution of this tool, the summary of progress with the relevant performance benchmarking is provided on the console.

The format of the log file is “tcat_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss_ms.log” and is located in the smarts/local/logs directory. The report text file name is “TopoDiff_version1_vs_version2_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss_ms.txt”, for example, TopoDiff_9.1.0_vs_9.2.0_20120905_155414_300.txt and is also located in the smart/local/logs directory. The timestamp is the tool invocation starting time in milliseconds.

Open the “TCatReportConverter.xlsm” file located under smarts/script/tcat/ on a system with Microsoft Excel to use its VBScript-based Macros for the report conversion and post-processing.


Explanations show up in relationships only when there are differences in the OBJ as well. Otherwise, the explanations or reasons are empty.