You can configure a discovery filter for manual accept mode so that a candidate system that matches the filter is added to the Pending Devices list in the THROTTLED state. By default, a candidate system that matches a filter is automatically discovered and added to the modeled topology.

To enable manual accept mode for a filter:

  1. Attach the Domain Manager Administration Console to the target IP Manager.

    “Opening the Domain Manager Administration Console” on page 18 provides instructions on opening this console.

  2. In the left panel of the Domain Manager Administration Console, select the IP Manager name to display a multiple-tab window in the right panel of the console.

  3. Click Discovery Filters.

  4. Select the filter for which you want to enable the manual accept mode.

  5. Select Ask before adding new systems to enable manual accept mode for the filter.

  6. Click Apply.

    After autodiscovery is enabled and initiated, you can view the Pending Devices list to see which systems passed the filter and are waiting to be accepted. Systems that passed the filter and are waiting to be accepted are marked as THROTTLED. Accepting a THROTTLED system changes the state of the system to UNDISCOVERED. An UNDISCOVERED system will be discovered during the next pending discovery interval.


    Right-click a system and select the Rediscover option to discover the system before the next pending discovery takes place.