In example 1, both network adapters are part of the host named host_1. Because of this, the redundancy group is inserted into the PartOf relationship with the host. If host_1 is unresponsive, IP Availability Manager does not generate any notifications about the redundancy group. If the group is not part of the system, IP Availability Manager would notify AllComponentsDown when host_1 is unresponsive.

Also, note the use of the LayeredOver relationship from the network adapter redundancy group to the system. This information is used to draw maps of network adapter redundancy groups in the Global Manager:

rg = create("NetworkAdapterRedundancyGroup",
// Turns off system status calc
rg->PartOf += object("Host", "host_1"); 
// For service map 
rg->LayeredOver += object("Host", "host_1");
rg->ComposedOf += object("Interface", "IF-host_1/1"); 
rg->ComposedOf += object("Interface", "IF-host_1/2");