To install the HTTPS Adapter as a service on UNIX, issue the following command:

# sm_service install --force --unmanaged --startmode=manual \
'--name=<service_name>' \
'--description=<Smarts description>' \
'--name=<HTTPS_Adapter_Name>' \
'--output=<HTTPS_Adapter_Name>.log' \
'-J' \

<Smarts description> is the description of the service. You may create any description you wish; for example, Remote NAS adapter.

<HTTPS_Adapter_Name> is the name of the HTTPS Adapter, as registered with the Broker; for example, the default name is remote-nas.

You can also specify the Broker and Port, if the Availability Manager with NAS Extension is registered with a Broker and Port other than the default, localhost:426. To do this, add the following arguments to the end of the command:

--broker=<IP Address or Hostname>:<Port Number>

To start the service, type the following command:

# BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_service start 

To stop the service, issue the following command:

# BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_service stop