You can retrieve a list of the IP addresses and read community strings of the SNMP agents that are managed by the IP Manager.

To obtain a list of SNMP agents, invoke the sm_tpmgr utility on the host where the IP Manager is running. This utility produces a text file named seedfile.log that lists the IP address of the SNMP agents in one column, and their corresponding read community strings in a second column. For SNMPv3 agents, of course, no read community strings appear in the second column.

To obtain a list of SNMP agents and their read community strings, type the following command from the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory:

         sm_tpmgr -s INCHARGE-AM --dump-agents --output=seedfile


  • The -s option specifies the name of the IP Manager.

  • The -- dump-agents option extracts the information about the SNMP agents from the IP Manager.

  • The -- output=seedfile option creates a file named seedfile.log in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory.

  • Use the -- help option to learn more about the sm_tpmgr utility.