The following files are created by the tool:

  • sm_configscan_report-<time_stamp>.txt: This is the report file created by the Configuration Scanner tool. This file contains:

    • List of files installed by the TTP, if any

    • List of files introduced by the user

    • Modifications made to the discovery.conf, tpmgr-param.conf, and name-resolver.conf files

    • List of file differences for each modified file

    • List of modifications found in the server

  • sm_configscan-<time_stamp>.tar: This tar file contains the following:

    • A copy of the Configuration Scanner report file

    • sm_configscanner.log

    • A copy of

    • ConfigScanAdapter.log

    • PnTallOutput.txt: lists all the settings found on the server

    • A directory containing the DIFF files for each modified files

      The output files for the configuration scanner tool is available under the

      <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/logs/Final_sm_getinfo<timesatamp>.tar file.

      The VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, and ESM Managers provides more information on the tool including sample outputs.