The IP Manager discovers IPSec tunnels and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) tunnels between IPSec-enabled routers on IPv4 networks. It uses Router, Interface, and IP object types to model the tunnels.

During a full discovery, the IP Manager reads the Routing Table of IPSec-enabled routers to discover the terminating subinterfaces (WAN endpoints) of IPSec tunnels and IKE tunnels. The IP Manager layers the subinterfaces over the underlying physical interfaces and creates the network connections between the local and remote subinterfaces to form the IPSec and IKE tunnels.

By default, the IP Manager is not enabled to discover IPSec tunnels. To enable IPSec tunnel discovery, set the EnableIPSecDiscovery parameter in the tpmgr-param.conf file and the autoReprobe_short parameter in the discovery.conf file to TRUE. Also set SM_LOGICALCONNECTIONDOWN to DISABLED in the file.