You use the sm_tpmgr command to reload the parameters in the following files:

  • discovery.conf

  • tpmgr-param.conf

  • name-resolver.conf file, or

  • Any other IP Manager user configuration files


    A discovery cycle should not be in progress when you issue this command.

    After you use the sm_edit utility to make a parameter change in the discovery.conf, tpmgr-param.conf, or name-resolver.conf file, you can use the sm_tpmgr command to make that change known to the target IP Manager instance without the need to restart the target server. The syntax for the sm_tpmgr command is:

                   sm_tpmgr -b <host>:<port> -s <IP Manager instance name>       --load-conf=<configuration file name>

    For example:

    sm_tpmgr -b localhost:426 -s INCHARGE-AM --load-conf=user-defined-connections.conf

    You have to reverse your steps because IFTypePattern-. ~6 is now in the topology. Removing IFTypePattern-. ~6 from tpmgr-param.conf and then reloading it using sm_tpmgr does not remove it from the topology. You must actively remove it.

    Try IFTypePattern-. 6. (remove ~).

    Then reload using sm_tpmgr.


    Setting it to blank IFTypePattern-. <blank>, would not remove it either. Your modification has to be reversed.