A seed file consists of one or more seed systems, each of which represents a discovery candidate system. “How to create a seed file” on page 96 provides instructions on creating a seed file.

To import a list of seed systems from a seed file:

  1. Attach the Domain Manager Administration Console to the target IP Manager.

    “Opening the Domain Manager Administration Console” on page 18 provides instructions on opening this console.

  2. In the Domain Manager Administration Console, select Topology > Import from seed file, or click the Import from seed file toolbar button, to launch the Import From Seed File dialog box.

  3. In the dialog box, specify the complete path and name of the seed file.

    By default, the path to the seed file is BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf. Note that the seed file must be stored on the host where the IP Manager runs.

  4. Click OK to import the seed systems and to start the initial full discovery.

    A Discovery Progress window opens, shows progress messages, and might show a list of systems (pending systems) that could not be discovered. When you see “Last discovery completed” near the end of the progress report in the Discovery Status section, the probing of topology information is complete.

    Chapter 3, Discovery, in the IP Manager Concepts Guide provides information about discovery errors, their solutions, and pending systems.

  5. Click Close to close the Discovery Progress window.