The Add Agent command is used to enter individual seed systems. You can specify a seed system as a hostname or as an IP address:

  • For a hostname, you can specify a hostname with or without an explicit IP version suffix (:v6v4, :v4v6, :v6, or :v4).

    Here is an example hostname entry that includes a v4 suffix: Core-ROUTER-1:v4. If you do not include an explicit IP version suffix, the SM_IP_VERSIONS environment variable controls how the local name resolution service resolves the hostname to a corresponding IP address. By default, SM_IP_VERSIONS is set to v6v4.

  • For an IP address, you can specify an IPv6 or IPv4 address.

    If you specify an IPv6 address, enclose the address in square brackets; for example: [2001:0db8::0010].

    Here is an example IPv6 address entry that includes a port number: [2001:0db8::0010]:200.


    Do not add an overlapping IP address as a seed system.

    Chapter 8, IPv6 Address Conventions, in the IP Manager Reference Guide contains information on Hostname syntax. “Setting SM_IP_VERSIONS” on page 33 describes the procedure to set this environment variable. Overlapping IP addresses are discussed in the IP Manager Concepts Guide.