To disable VLAN impact propagation from GUI, do the following:

  1. Select the particular VLAN listed in the VLAN group in the Domain Manager Administration Console.

  2. Select the attribute isImpactPropOverVLANEnabled in the Attributes tab.

  3. Change the value from true to false.

  4. Click, Apply and then perform a reconfigure using the following dmctl commands:

    ./dmctl.exe -s <server-name> -b <broker> put VLAN::<Name parameter of that particular VLAN>::isImpactPropOverVLANEnabled FALSE

    For example,

    ./dmctl.exe -s xxx_IP813 -b localhost:9740 put VLAN::VLAN-RSP-1::isImpactPropOverVLANEnabled FALSE

    VLAN impact can be disabled using Problem Impact propagation policy over VLANs setting. Problem Impact Propagation policy over VLANs section in IP Manager User Guide, provides more information about this setting.


    It is recommended that you disable VLAN impact propagation using either the Problem Impact propagation policy over VLANs setting or through the steps mentioned above. Do not use both the options to disable VLAN impact propagation at the same time.