These include the following:

Under the BASEDIR/smarts/local folder:

  • conf/esm

  • conf/trapd

  • conf/beacon

  • conf/asm-ntier

  • conf/audit-parse

  • conf/serverhealth

  • conf/icim-core

  • conf/maps

  • conf/notifier

  • conf/alcatel-sam

    These directories will be copied after a specific interval (based on the value specified for the BackupInterval parameter in the failover.conf file) from the Active Server Manager (ESM) to the Standby Server Manager.

    If the directory is not present in the Active component, it will log an error in the action log file and continue to do further backup.

    If the directory is not present in the Standby component, it will create that directory before copying the content.

    The rps will be getting copied from Active to Standby component after a specific interval (BackupInterval, mentioned in failover.conf file) with the name <server-name>.latest.rps in the Standby component.