The format of the default section is as follows:

 ClassName:   SNMPTrap
 InstanceName:   $SYS$
 EventName:   $E$ $N$ $S$
 Severity:   2
 EventText:   Varbinds: $V*$
 Expiration:   7200
 State:   NOTIFY
 InMaintenance:   FALSE
 ClearOnAcknowledge:   TRUE
 EventType:   MOMENTARY
 SysNameOrAddr:   $A$
 UnknownAgent:   IGNORE
 LogFile:   NONE

The default section demonstrates that you can use variables in descriptions. Of particular note is the use of the varbind variable with an asterisk for the EventText parameter. In this case, EventText stores the value of all of the varbinds associated with a trap. By defining LogFile, the SNMP Trap Adapter logs all of the traps unless a trap’s LogFile is defined as NONE.