Provide agent credentials to the SNMP Trap Adapter by loading one or more seed files using the importSeedFile.asl script. This script writes the content of the seed file to the LCD.

The sample startup script given above will cause the SNMP Trap Adapter to read in a pre-existing seed file when the program begins execution. This is most useful in a test environment, or in a fairly small and static installation. In a large network, it is expected that new devices will be added, and user credentials changed, on a regular basis. To accommodate this, the SNMP Trap Adapter can read seed files while it is running.

To read a new seed file, invoke the ASL script, importSeedFile.asl, and give a single command line option specifying the name of the seed file:

  1. Go to BASEDIR/smarts/bin for the Service Assurance Manager product.

  2. Type the following command:

    tsm_adapter -s TRAP-INCHARGE-OI -D seed=seedfile trapd/importSeedFile.asl s

    The seed file will be parsed, and the new USM credential data will be merged into the existing LCD.