To configure the trap receiver to listen for traps, edit the trapd.conf file. There are multiple trapd.conf files shipped with the products. the figure lists and describes the parameters in the trapd.conf file.

To determine which trapd.conf file to edit depends upon your deployment scenario:

  • For Scenario 1 (single trap receiver), edit InCharge/SAM/smarts/conf/icoi/trapd.conf. For example, to forward traps to the IP Availability Manager, remove the # to uncomment the FORWARD line:

    # Traps required by InCharge IP Availability Manager (AM)
    # Generic: coldStart, warmStart, LinkUp, LinkDown
    # FORWARD: *.*.*.* .* <0-3> * host:port
    For example:
    FORWARD: *.*.*.* .* <0-3> * AM_HOST-NAME:AM-PORT
  • For Scenario 2 (one trap exploder and one trap receiver), edit:

    FORWARD: *.*.*.* .* <0-3> * AM_HOST-NAME:AM-PORT