The roll_log command is invoked through the dmctl utility, which requires that you attach to the adapter with administrative privileges.


Use the roll_log command to register the notification adapter with the Broker using the --name option. “Using sm_notify to start notification adapters” on page 23 contains additional information.

The syntax of the command is:

roll_log [<file-name>]

The <file-name> option enables you to specify a new name for current and subsequent log files. If you omit this option, the current naming convention is retained. If you specify a name, the new log file uses that name. Any new log files created with roll_log will also use this name if a different name is not specified. The new name specified by <file-name> is handled in exactly the same manner as the --output option to the sm_notify command.

On UNIX systems, the equivalent command is:

t% /opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts/bin/dmctl -s MailAdapter exec roll_log s

When roll_log is invoked, the adapter writes an informational message to the end of the current log file, repeats the steps it executed at startup, and creates a new log file and a backup log file as previously described.