Service Assurance Manager also provides the sm_adapter command line option, which can automate a server tool (script). The following summarizes functional differences between an automated tool action and a Script Notifier Adapter action:

  • Automated Service Assurance actions execute on the Global Manager by the user running the Global Manager (with all the security implications, and the overhead for the Global Manager process); Script Notifier Adapter actions run on any sm_notify adapter host (with all the connectivity implications), by any user. The System Administration Guide contains additional information on security implications.

  • Parameters to automate Service Assurance actions are passed as environment variables, preconfigured (hard-coded) by VMware, Inc.; parameters to Script Notifier Adapter actions are passed from the script-custom.asl, and are user configurable.

  • Automated Service Assurance actions can return an output to the caller; Script Notifier Adapter actions can only return a status.

  • Script Notifier Adapter actions are synchronous; by default, automated Service Assurance actions are synchronous as well, but you can use asynchronous actions if you make minor modifications to the auto-action.asl file.

  • Script Notifier Adapter actions can be used with any application, not just Service Assurance; meaning you can subscribe and trigger a Script Notifier Adapter action upon receipt of a notification from any application.

    The Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide contains additional information about automated tools.