What follows is an example procedure of specifying a different Global Manager source; that is, an example procedure for removing the current Global Manager source and adding a new Global Manager source. A native startup command containing the --norestore option is included in the procedure.

To specify a different Global Manager source:

  1. In the installation area from which Business Impact Manager is invoked, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and type the following command to stop Business Impact Manager:

                   sm_service stop --force ic-mbim-server
    Press Enter.
  2. On a UNIX system:
    sm_server --name=INCHARGE-MBIM --config=bim --subscribe=default
    --norestore --output --daemon

    On a UNIX system, including the --daemon option in the command line starts the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance process running in the background, leaving the original UNIX shell free to receive more commands.

  3. Consult “Adding the Global Manager as a topology source” on page 96 and add the new Global Manager source.