Listing related (<related_instance>) subscribers, members, or applications is not practical because there are too many of them, elements can be listed in separate input files that are referenced in the file. For example:

BusinessProcess bProcess1 serves bProcess2 bProcess3 bProcess4

is the same as:

BusinessProcess bProcess1 serves file://C:/mydir/myfile

where C:/mydir/myfile consists of three lines:


Input files must be specified in the file.

Each element in an input file must use the <class_name>::<instance> syntax with one entry per line. Similar to the file, Business Impact Manager assumes that elements in the input file for an Offering Type having a subscribers relationship keyword are ServiceSubscriber elements.

When members are specified, the elements must already exist in the topology so that the relevant relationship keyword can be established with the requested element. Otherwise, such items will be ignored.