An automated tool is run when it is triggered based on the settings of an escalation policy. An escalation policy is configured to invoke automatic tools to run on notifications that meet the escalation criteria for specified periods of time. Chapter 9, “Escalation Configuration for the Global Manager,” includes additional information on configuring the Global Manager.

Alternatively, an automated tool runs with the automatic action adapter on the same host as the Global Manager. Start this adapter by invoking the sm_adapter command and supplying a list of arguments. After starting the automatic action adapter, no further intervention is required. The adapter uses a notification list to listen for particular notifications. When it receives a matching notification, it automatically responds by invoking the specified tools through the Global Manager.

Once started, the automatic action adapter runs in the background and responds to notifications that match its notification list. For example, the automatic action adapter, configured with a trouble-ticket system tool, could respond to a notification by opening a trouble ticket. “Modifying a tool” on page 154 includes additional information about creating an automated tool.