Old notifications are periodically removed from the Global Manager’s repository and archived to a file. The notification archive includes the values of the notification’s attributes at the time it is archived, including the contents of the audit log. This archive is intended to provide a record of information before it is deleted.

The Report Manager User Guide describes how to generate historical reports based on notification data. Report Manager does not use the notification archive for reporting, but maintains the notification information in a relational database.

Archived notifications are written to the file <global_manager>.archive, where <global_manager> is the name of the Global Manager. By default, this is INCHARGE-SA so the resulting notification archive is named INCHARGE-SA.archive. This file is written to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory.


Over a period of time, a busy Global Manager can generate a sizeable archive file. It may be necessary to periodically rotate the notification archive file.