To enable PropertyChange notification updates, set the Console property com.smarts.disableHyperNotification to TRUE by typing the following in the command line prompt:

sm_gui -Dcom.smarts.disableHyperNotification=True

Setting this parameter to True, also helps avoid creation of multiple entries for a single session connected using dmctl.

The -Dcom.smarts.disableHyperNotification parameter was introduced in the SAM 8.1 HF 3 release. The hyper notification feature allows the console to poll the SAM server to request batches of notification updates. The feature requires dedicated separate connections between the server and console. While hyper notification increases the number of connections between the server and console for SAM 8.x versus SAM 7.x, it at the same time improves the console performance and notification processing.

It is recommended that hyper notification is not disabled as it would put additional load on the server and console, resulting in degradation of SAM performance. Exercise caution while using the -Dcom.smarts.disableHyperNotification parameter.