One of the primary tasks of Service Assurance Manager is topology and event consolidation. Service Assurance Manager imports infrastructure elements (such as hosts and routers) and applications from each underlying managed domain. As it imports the elements, it consolidates elements that are reported by different sources. Service Assurance Manager also imports the relationships between the elements from the underlying managed domains. Using these relationships and overlapping devices, Service Assurance Manager accurately pieces together a complete topology of the managed environment.

When Service Assurance Manager imports events from the underlying managed domain, they are automatically associated with the elements to which they apply. Notifications received from multiple sources are consolidated into single events. Similarly, impacts reported by different sources for the same problem are deduplicated and associated with the consolidated event in Service Assurance Manager.

Further, to provide business context, Service Assurance Manager provides a facility that imports customer and service information from provisioning systems and other sources. Using this data, Service Assurance Manager can automatically calculate the customer and service impact for the consolidated events.