In the NOTIF Editor, you configure ECI objects to determine how you want to handle particular events. In the ECI setup window, in the NOTIF Editor, you can select whether a particular raw event should be handled. If the event is to be processed, select the Active checkbox in the NOTIF Editor as shown in this section. When you select whether a particular event is Active, you save the configuration to the local Adapter Platform server (File > Save Configuration or File > Save Configuration As... in the NOTIF Editor), and you do not have to restart the Adapter Platform server.

The NOTIF Editor also allows you to make changes to varbinds associated with ECI configuration parameters through the ECI setup window in the NOTIF Editor. Without the NOTIF Editor, you would have to do this by writing hook scripts.

Setting up ECI configuration parameters on page 32 provides details on how to configure ECI objects to handle incoming events.