The NOTIF application cannot be uninstalled separately from SAM 9.2 because the NOTIF processor is included as part of the SAM 9.2 server application. However, you can disable NOTIF on an Adapter Platform/SAM server by performing the following steps:

  1. Launch the NOTIF Editor by selecting Start > Programs > InCharge > NOTIF Editor


    You can also launch the editor by double-clicking the file (for UNIX systems) in the BASEDIR/smarts/notif/editor directory.

  2. Use the NOTIF Editor to connect to the running Adapter Platform or SAM server where you want to disable NOTIF . Select Remote > Edit a server's settings… and choose a server in the Connect to a Server dialog box.

  3. The Remote Server Settings dialog box appears showing the server's current settings. In the Remote Server Settings dialog box, clear the Activate NOTIF checkbox, and then click OK.

  4. Configure the SNMP Trap Adapter to use the default trap_mgr_parse.asl script instead of the Notif-trap_mgr_parse.asl script.

    For example:

    ./sm_trapd --name=TRAP-OI --server=INCHARGE-OI --config=icoi
    --port=9013 --model=sm_actions --output
    --rules=icoi-trapd/trap_mgr_parse.asl --daemon
  5. Configure the Syslog Adapter to use the default SysLog_mgr.asl script instead of the Notif-SysLog_mgr.asl script.

    For example:

    ./sm_adapter.exe --NTsErViCeNaMe=ic-syslog-adapter --name=SYSLOG-OI --server=INCHARGE-OI --tail=/var/log/syslog --model=sm_system --model=sm_actions --output icoi-syslog/SysLog_mgr.asl
  6. Restart the Adapter Platform/SAM server.