NCI objects can be created for specific class instances or subclasses based on the overall design and wildcarded EventNames. Examples of how NOTIF matches notifications to NCI objects are provided below:

Defined NCIs

  1. XYZ-Router.Event-1

  2. Router.Event-1

  3. Router.Event-*

  4. UnitaryComputerSystem.Event-1

Incoming notification (ClassName.EventName)

NCI processing

XYZ-Router and Event-1

uses NCI 1 — Exact match for ClassName and EventName

ABC-Router and Event-1

uses NCI 2 — ABC-Router is a router

ABC-Router and Event-2

uses NCI 3 — ABC-Router and Event-2 match the wildcard EventName

Host and Event-1

uses NCI 4f

In the examples above, any subclass of router with an event name of Event-1 will be processed by the NCI named Router.Event-1 (that is, NCI 2), except for XYZ-Router which is a more specific router class definition. As a theoretical example, the NCI named XYZ-Router.Event-1* could represent the handling of any EventName other than that specified by Router.Event-1.