The Notification Module ( NOTIF) augments the solutions with event management features that are configurable through a graphical user interface. The NOTIF user interface is referred to as the Notification Module Configuration Editor ( NOTIF Editor). NOTIF replaces the internal event and notification processing features of the standard Service Assurance Manager Adapter Platform. NOTIF provides the user with event and notification configuration access, maintenance, and documentation capabilities without requiring a complete understanding of the underlying products, and without requiring extensive application-specific coding.

NOTIF represents an improvement over the standard trap processing design. To configure the standard SNMP Trap Adapter to process traps, you must decide which traps should become notifications and how the notifications should appear at the Global Console. You can do this by editing the trap_mgr.conf file and then restarting the server. NOTIF makes this process much more user-friendly and robust. With NOTIF, you can make instantaneous trap processing configuration changes through the NOTIF Editor without restarting any servers.

Efficient event and notification processing presents the most important information to the operator by using an Service Assurance Global Console. NOTIF enables the user to easily optimize the flow of events and notifications sent through any system. Advantages of using NOTIF include the following:

  • Handles notifications in a consistent and extensive manner.

  • Facilitates configuration of events and notifications through a flexible, user-friendly interface, the NOTIF Editor.

  • Allows for real-time reconfiguration of event and notification processing without server restarts.

  • Applies to any event source.

  • Integrates with standard Service Assurance Manager (SAM) and Adapter Platform (OI) repositories and servers.

  • Supports current Service Assurance Manager Adapter Platform standard SNMP event functions (that is, expiration clearing, unknown agents, logging specifications, notification field setting).

  • Provides converter tools for standard configuration sources (for example, trap_mgr.conf file).

  • Packages event and notification configurations. This is useful for modular roll-out of configurations.

  • Automatically generates an HTML-based document that provides information on all internal event and notification configuration objects for review and documentation purposes.

  • Requires no knowledge of the Adapter Scripting Language (ASL).