Run the following command to get queues:

dmctl> execute dmdebug --queues 

This prints information about all server queues in the system into the server log file. An example for the queue output is provided below:

SubscriberFE                                         [0 worker(s)]
Current size 0, max 369; processed entries 21843
Size           0-0.00            0-0.00            0-0.00             0-0.00
Flow       21839+0.06        21803+0.05        21446+0.05         17895+0.06
Late      0.0000+0.00       0.0000+0.00       0.0000+0.00        0.0000+0.00

In the example, the first line gives you the name of the queue and the number of workers.


Subscriber Front Ends like the one cited here never have any workers, since they are not used as normal server queues.

The second line gives you the current size, and an exact maximum size. The total number of ‘processed entries’ indicates the total number of entries that have ever been pulled off the queue.