You can set up the log file directories for the com.smarts.server.logMessages and files when the GUI is running as a Web Console in Internet Explorer. The parameters can be enabled if they are set in the Java Control Panel in the workstations. To display the Java Control Panel, click Settings > Control Panel > Java.

Internet Explorer defaults the console’s com.smarts.writeable parameter to the desktop location where log files are written. You can verify this in the Sun Java Console window.

To verify that the com.smarts.writeable parameter is configured correctly:

From Internet Explorer, click Tools > Sun Java Console.

The Java Console appears. An example of the type of information available from the Sun Java Console is:

Java Plug-in 1.4.2_06
Using JRE version 1.4.2_06 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
User home directory = C:\Documents and Settings\bm1.SMARTS 
c: clear console window
f: finalize objects on finalization queue
g: garbage collect
h: display this help message
l: dump classloader list
m: print memory usage
o: trigger logging
p: reload proxy configuration
q: hide console
r: reload policy configuration
s: dump system and deployment properties
t: dump thread list
v: dump thread stack
x: clear classloader cache
0-5: set trace level to <n>
Properties: com.smarts.fixed, com.smarts.sitemod, com.smarts.writeable not found.
Defaulting com.smarts.fixed, com.smarts.sitemod, com.smarts.writeable paths to: C:\Documents and Settings\bm1.SMARTS\Desktop 

The Properties line defines the location of the com.smarts.writable path. In this example, the path has been defaulted to the desktop and the user ID has been defined by default as the user ID for the specific workstation.