To allow the Service Assurance Manager to subscribe to all problem events except for Disabled events, modify the DXA file which is used by the Service Assurance Manager to communicate with underlying domains. This file is available under:

<BASEDIR>/SAM/smarts/bin/sm_edit conf/ics/dxa-conn.conf

In this file change:

sub .*::.*::.*/p 


sub *::*::~Disabled/pg 

Add, the ChoiceSubscription->glob = glob("*g*", Modifiers) line to the <BASEDIR>/SAM/smarts/bin/sm_edit rules/ics/ics-event-driver.asl file for the Service Assurance Manager not to filter the current Disabled events, for example:

ChoiceSubscription->symptoms = glob("*s*|*e*", Modifiers)
ChoiceSubscription->glob = glob("*g*", Modifiers)
ChoiceSubscription->quiet = TRUE