The solutions recommended include:

  • Refactoring of domains (short term solution): Redesign your deployment to deploy additional Global Managers in a hierarchical Service Assurance configuration. Instead of using one SAM, split them into two. For instance, if one SAM is configured with 20 underlying domains, then start two SAMs with 10 each. This reduces the topology size and notification flow. Additionally, you can choose to reduce the archive interval from 4 hours (default) to a shorter interval. Also, topology can be trimmed by avoiding import of unnecessary classes.

  • Refine notification lists for users.

  • Re-assess the topology synchronization configuration.

  • Refine sets of trap and syslog notifications sent to SAM.

  • Increase worker threads used for escalation.

  • If you are on a lower version of SAM, migrate to a higher version. This is a good long term solution.

    The Service Assurance Manager Deployment Guide provides detailed guidelines and procedures for assessing and improving performance of your deployment.