This section provides information about the retention interval period for the metrics and events data in the Elasticsearch database and the latency between the collection of data and its aggregated data.

The metrics and events service acquires the data and holds it in the Elasticsearch database for certain period. This period varies with the type of metric data or events. At the end of the period, the ILM policy deletes the expired data points.

All the metrics or events data are moved to different states based on the retention intervals in various states like HOT, WARM, COLD, and DELETE. This management takes place automatically whenever the indexes reach the configured threshold and finally deletes the data. Deleted time series do not appear in the dashboards or in the Query API results.

Metrics or events older than the retention period are deleted from the time series. Following table provides the retention interval period for different metrics or events data points.
Category Retention Interval Data Type
Retention of raw metric data 45 days Metric
Retention of hourly aggregated metric data 84 days Metric
Retention of daily aggregated metric data 1 year Metric
Retention of weekly aggregated metric data 5 years Metric
Retention of events history data 1 year Event
Retention of events chaining history data 1 year Event
Retention of audit data 1 year Event