Kafka Connector is a component of VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance, which provides ability to recreate metrics, events, and topology data from respective topics on internal VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Kafka bus to an external Kafka bus.


  1. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > Gateways.
  2. From the Outboud Connectors section, click Add.
  3. Click Select.
  4. From the Connector Selection page, select kafka-connector.
    The kafka Connector Configuration page is displayed.
  5. Enter the name of the Kafka connector in Name of the connector text box.
  6. Enter the source Kafka topic type in Topics text box.
    • Select Metrics, if type of the connector is Metrics.
    • Select Events, if type of the connector is Events.
    • Select Topology, if the tyoe of connector is Topology.
  7. Enter the destination Kafka broker detail in Bootstrap servers text box.
  8. To enable Transport Layer Security (TLS), select the Transport Layer Security (TLS) toggle button.
    To upload the mandatory security certificate from your local machine, click Upload TLS certificate.
  9. To enable Authentication, select the Authentication toggle button.
    Select the authentication type from following and provide the respective details:
    • Plain : Provide user name and password.
    • SCRAM-SHA-512: Provide user name and password.
    • TLS: Upload TLS Certificate and TLS Key from your local machine.
    • OAuth: Depending on the selection of OAuth Type, other mandatory fields are mentioned in the table:
      OAuth Type Mandatory Fields
      Client Secret Provide Client ID and Client Secret details.
      Refresh Token Provide Client ID and Refresh Token details.
      Access Token Provide Access Token details.
  10. Following table lists the Advanced configuration parameters details:
    Input parameter Description Default value
    Replication Factor Provide the replication factor for the internal topics and replicated topics. 1
    Number of Threads Provide the maximum number of tasks for the Kafka Connector. Value range is 4-16. 4
    Refresh Interval Provide the frequency of topic refresh. 20 seconds
    Logging Level Select from:
    • Info
    • Debug
    Resources Limits
    CPU (M) Provide the CPU speed in MHz. Value range is 4000m-8000m. 4000
    Memory (Mi) Provide the memory value in Mi units. Value range is 4096Mi - 12288Mi. 4096
    Resources Requests
    CPU (M) Provide the CPU speed in MHz. Value range is 500 m -4000 m. 2000
    Memory (Mi) Provide the memory value in Mi units. Value range is 4512Mi - 4096Mi. 2048
    For the different footprints following table lists the recommended CPU and Memory values for the connectors:
    Table 1. Recommended CPU and Memory for Connector
    Footprint Resources Request Limit
    25K CPU 2 4
    50K CPU 3 6
    100K CPU 4 8
  11. To create connector, click Create Connector.