Processor metric type provides the metrics, properties, and tags to represent the Processor performance of physical and virtual managed entities.

The VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance collectors constructs this metric type with Processor performance metrics for network devices, servers, and virtual devices. In the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance out-of-the box reports, this metric type is used to show the summary of processor performance trends per device and per processor instance. Leverage this metric type to create custom reports to represent processor performance using other Grafana widgets or new filters. Similarly, custom collectors can construct the metric type for the different vendor and create custom reports.

The following is an example of the Processor metric.

  "collectorType" : "Kafka-Collector",
  "collectorInstance" : "KC-1",
  "collectedTimestamp" : 1573186658,
  "processedTimestamp" : 1573186658,
  "metricType" : "Processor",
  "properties" : {
    "dataSource" : "",
    "deviceType" : "Host",
    "deviceName" : "Host-",
    "entityType" : "Processor",
    "entityName" : "Processor-node-113/P1"
  "metrics" : {
    "Throughput":     "100",
    "ReadLatency":     "100",
    "WriteThroughput":     "100",
    "ReadThroughput":     "100",
    "WriteRequests":     "100",
    "ReadRequests":     "100",
    "WriteLatency":     "100",
    "Utilization":     "100"
  "tags" : {
       "model" : "CAT-100",
   "version" : "",
    "customer" : "customer-1",
    "location" : "main street",
    "city" : "Zurich",
    "address" : "abc",
    "zip" : "90882",
    "region" : "region-1", 
    "deviceCoordinates" : "45.444348, -75.693934"

The following table includes JSON definitions.

JSON Description Units
UsageMhz Processor usage. MHz
ProcessorSize Processor size. Hz
CurrentUtilization Processor current utilizatiom. Percent
Ready CPU ready time is a vSphere metric that records the amount of time a VM is ready to use CPU but was unable to schedule physical CPU time because all the vSphere ESXi host CPU resources are busy. ms
cpmCPUTotal5min The overall CPU busy percentage in the last 5 minute period. Percent