In a map, the icons (nodes and edges) reflect the collective state of active events on an object.

Understanding Color Coding and Icons

Similar to notifications in the Notification Log Console, the map uses color to indicate that elements affected by one or more abnormal conditions. A color-coded severity bar indicates the state of the node.

The color-coded severity bar is not displayed for nodes whose state is normal, unless the property is set to true.

The notification list configured by your administrator determines which notifications are reflected in your map console. If the notification list does not include an event, notifications for the events do not reflect in the map icons. For example, if a notification list excludes all events from a specific router, the router always appears with a normal state in the map. If your Map Console does not accurately reflect observed conditions, contact your administrator.

Table 1. Colors and Meanings
Level Icon Color Description


Critical: Identifies a specific failure that requires a resolution.



Major: Identifies a serious condition that requires an immediate attention.



Minor: Identifies an abnormal condition that is not serious but requires some action.



Unknown: Identifies an unknown, unreachable, disconnected, or suspended condition.



Normal: The element is in its normal state.