You can use filters to find specific notifications that match required conditions.


  1. Go to https://Telcocloud serviceassurance-ui-IP.
    A typical default URL for logging in to the user interface from the same system on which VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance is installed is, https://10.x.x.x.
  2. On the login screen, enter your username and password.
  3. Click Next.
    The Notification Console opens.
  4. Click Add Log View.
    The Add Notification View opens.
  5. Expand Filters.
  6. Click Add Attribute.
    The available attributes appear.

  7. Enter a name for Filter Set Name.
  8. Select the required Property from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the Expression category.
    • Match: Provides the exact value that matches with the input.
    • Pattern: Provides the detailed value that contains the input character.
  10. Provide the filter value in theValue text box.
    • For some specific boolean columns, select Yes or No from the drop-down menu.
    • For a selected integer or string column, provide the exact value as input.
    • To add multiple values for a single attribute, click "+" icon. The operation is "OR" between the values like ("ROUTER" "MATCHES" "SWITCH OR ROUTER "). And, to remove any attribute click the cross icon.
  11. Click OK.