To uninstall the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance deployment, update the deploy.settings file as described in this section.

Note: Customization to the deployment of the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster has to be reverted in the event that the workload cluster must be updated or to perform any type of maintenance from the VMware Telco Cloud Automation manager UI, including upgrades and cluster life cycle management.


  1. Set the DEPLOYMENT_ACTION to cleanup in the deploy.settings file.
    # ========= Deployment modes and actions ========== #
    # Options are "init", "deploy-apps", "deploy-all" or "cleanup"
    ## Set this to '--force' if you want to cleanup by force without waiting for user confirmation

    For example, DELETE_ARGS='--force'

  2. Launch the Deployment Container on the deployment host. For more information, see Launch the Deployment Container.
  3. Update the PRODUCT_DEPLOYMENT_TIMEOUT value in seconds, according to the footprint:
    • 1800 for 2.5k
    • 2700 for 25k
    • 3600 for 50k
    • 4500 for 100k
  4. Trigger the uninstallation by running the following script.
    root [ ~ ]# cd tcx-deployer/scripts/deployment/
    root [ ~/tcx-deployer/scripts/deployment ]# ./
    Note: If you do not use the force command, the uninstallation step deletes the resources from the cluster without the following confirmation message.
    Are you sure you want to proceed? (y/n):y.