To push artifacts to the Container registry, you must run the scripts within the Deployment Container.

  • Run the following scripts contained in the deployer package.
    root [ ~ ]# cd /root/tcx-deployer/scripts/
    root [ ~/tcx-deployer/scripts ] python3 init --initialize-cluster --cloud tca --product tcsa --kubeconfig /root/.kube/<TKG-workload-cluster-name> --artifacts-path /root/tcx-deployer --registry-url <registry-url>/tcx --registry-username <registry-username> --registry-password <registry-password> --registry-ca-certs <path-to-certificates-if-applicable>
    • --registry-username and --registry-password must be skipped if you have used docker login command for the Container registry. The registry credentials are inherited from Docker configuration.
    • If you are using a secure registry, you must pass --registry-ca-certs command.